Kristin Wedding, MA, CPHWC, RTY-200

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I believe in science and Western medicine. I believe in the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda. I believe in Balance. My life, career, and personal wellness practice embody this. It is personal for me. Battling my own chronic disease and feeling consumed by the pressures of motherhood and a demanding career, only reinforced the essential need for yoga and a holistic approach to wellness in my life. I came to the wellness field professionally after a 15-year career working in global health in Washington, DC. I spent five years working at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on global health and food safety. Before joining FDA, I spent 9 years at a prominent DC think tank developing global food and nutrition policy.

I am a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach (CPHWC) through Wellcoaches and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Hub in Carmel, Indiana studying under my Teacher Wendy Cooper, with additional training in yoga for depression, anxiety and stress management. I am a food safety expert holding certifications recognized by the FDA. I earned a Master’s Degree in International Policy from American University in Washington, DC. 

The Full Story…

My path to becoming a wellness coach and yoga teacher was charted by my own exploration of and dedication to self-healing and resilience. At what should have been a high-point in my life, things changed. My husband and I had just bought our first house in DC. Our first baby girl had just turned one. I was working at my dream job that I had spent years training for and was on a long-anticipated research trip in East Africa.

I knew something was wrong when I woke up one morning in a remote western Kenya farming village. My brain was buzzing and it felt like my body was moving through mud. In the weeks following my return to home, things just got worse. I could no longer attribute the loss of feeling in my arms, legs and torso to jet lag. The failing vision in one eye. The soul-crushing fatigue. I forced my way into doctors’ offices until I found one that would listen and not tell me it was “anxiety” (I’ve had a relationship with anxiety for a lifetime, and this was not it). I sat in the office of my newly found neurologist as she confirmed my suspicions with the official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Aside from the initial shock of my MS diagnosis, one of my first thoughts was “this gives me the excuse to take care of myself.” It was a powerful moment. No one should have to be diagnosed with a chronic disease to justify prioritizing their own wellness. I leaned heavily into my long-time yoga practice and explored various holistic approaches to complement the cutting-edge therapies prescribed by my doctors. 

This is why it’s personal to me. I know I’m not unique. We are all fighting private battles. I want to help you find your balance. I’ll be your support, your encouragement and your reality check. l look forward to sharing my passions with you and supporting your wellness journey.


VYANA: The nourishing and expansive energy that connects, balances, and heals the body and mind.